Vaginitis is not sentence and is available for psychocorrection. | Resultative hypnosis | | en

Vaginitis is not sentence and is available for psychocorrection.

Vaginitis is not sentence and is available for psychocorrection.

Resent statistics shows that in our republic there are a lot of newlyweds who live in so called “virgin marriage”. This fact contradicts the favorable climatic conditions of Uzbekistan, its rich water resources and the level of agricultural development. Our republic has a leading place in the world in terms of volume and diversity of agricultural products such as meet, fish, fruits, and vegetables.
In that case, what happens with the family formation if marriages are expected, are being prepared for years and are held in style?
Vaginitis! This is a special form of women sexual dysfunction which hampers or makes impossible a sexual act. It is characterized by the strong spasms in pelvic muscles, perineum and external third of vagina that block vaginal orifice hence close the way for a penis by creating a mechanic obstacle. The contraction is reflective, does not depend on the will of a partner and occurs during the attempt of placing the penis into vagina, during expectation of this moment, and even when imagining it. Spasms can be so strong that they even cause pain. They are at the same time the way of expression and the reason of sexual feelings disjunction in women. Objectively, vaginitis is female’s prerogative and the reason for charging men with sexual failure during the newlyweds period is in the total lack of information from the side of society. Vaginitis is a functional disorder but it also can be a result of many psychophysiological reasons.
When discussing vaginitis and psychological correction of its cause, psychophysiologist and hypnologist Dr.Sakkelion, Ph.D., answered several question.
In your opinion, what plays a major role in etiological development of vaginitis?
Fear. It is a powerful brake that transforms subjectively into spasmodic muscles contraction and has a protective nature.
What do you think is the nature of fear in vaginitis?
Fear may have different nature and it is known that a woman does not always realize it. It can be a fear before penetration of alien body as a result of incorrect upbringing, psychological scar, and strict religious upbringing. It also can be a defense mechanism against unwanted pregnancy or a protective reaction against unconscious deviant tendencies such as homosexuality. In some cases the fear of sexual act can be only the result of general neurosis or exaggerated fear of pain as the whole.
What role does the identity of a partner or a complex of relations play in etiology of vaginitis?
The fear of sexual act is exaggerated in a couple where a male does not satisfy a female’s wants in protection, sexual and non-sexual spheres. There are some factors which may cause or intensify fear of sexual connection. For example, it is the lack of experience in a male; such sexual disorders as premature ejaculation or absence of erection; apprehension of unwilling pregnancy. All these male fears are transformed to a partner.
In a non-sexual life the most frequent factors are as follows: lack of trust to a man; lack of feeling safety; excessive shyness; sensitivity; man’s helplessness and uncertainty, which are also transformed to a partner.
Is it possible to consider vaginitis as a polymorphic dysfunction which appears initially in woman and then influences the relationship of both partners?
Quite right! We are talking here not only about disorders in a sexual sphere, but about disagreement of interpersonal relations in a couple in general.
Is there a possibility of vaginitis appearance due to rejection of a partner?
You are right, doctor! Sometimes vaginitis is a reaction of avoidance with some inner protest regarding a man to whom a woman does not have sexual liking but with whom she has to have sexual connections as the result of non-sexual motives.
Can you provide some examples of somatic and psychic factors that influence appearance of vaginitis?
Somatic factors are usually minor changes such as scratches or fissures in genital organs or close regions which are together with existing nervous and muscle hypersensibility cause spasmodic contractions of vaginal muscles or hampering a sexual act.
Doctor, in your opinion, what are the opportunities of psychotherapy in treatment of this ailment?
You are quite right, colleague, when saying that in opinion of world leading sexual pathologists rational psychotherapy in combination with gynecological examination (with exception of some local factors that cause vaginitis), systematic desensitization and productive hypnotherapy is the most efficient treatment.
Is there a possibility of pathogenetic method of psychotherapeutic treatment of vaginitis?
The main aim of pathogenetic psychotherapy is the clarification of female’s attitude to sexuality and her own female role to men in general and to her own partner. At the same time some other things are being clarified, such as her attitude to parents, nature of sex education in family, the first information she got about sex, first erotic connections, and sexual traumas. The character of contradictory attitude towards men and sexuality is being specified. Plus to that, woman’s expectations in sex from her partner, her likes and dislikes are also being specified.
Would you be so kind, doctor, to clarify what do you mean by “systematic desensitization”?
Systematic desensitization is a method when relaxation and directed concept of liquidation of phobia before penetration (tear of virginal membrane) are applied. In several lessons a woman is taught full relaxation and then in relaxed state she imagines different phases of preparation to a sexual connection till the period when she can imagine penetration and sexual act without any unpleasant feelings.
Still, do you suppose that hypnosis is the main psychotherapeutic method of vaginitis treatment?
Yes, I do. But not only me. You will not find any manual or monograph on sexual pathology without suggestion of hypnosis implementation for treating vaginitis. By the means of hypnotic suggestion we strengthen patient’s motivation that it is her inner wish for intimate relations to reach penetration and that she will not try to prevent it but instead will promote it. In hypnotic state the feelings of fear and stress are reduced. Woman is rethinking her previous attitude to a man and partnership with her chosen one. She becomes more patient and relaxed. Posthypnotic suggestion calls her upon being tender and loving wife. A man also takes recommendations for being more attentive to his wife and ignorant to possible negative attitudes and pressure from society. The family becomes more independent which leads to unity between spouses. As the result, this unites young couple in a sexual aspect.
In the process of hypnotic treatment of vaginitis in women in future may lead not only to elimination of tension and fear but also to her conversion into concept when a sexual act for both partners will transfer from mechanical act into one with adequate feelings of sexual delight with orgasm.
Nowadays, for treatment of vaginitis Dr, Sakellion, Ph,D., psychotherapeutist and hypnologist, implements a complex of psychotherapeutic procedures and in-deep psychophysiological analysis with assistance of doctors from other spheres:

  • Gynecological examination and consultation.
  • Urologist and andrologist consultation.
  • Laboratory biochemical and harmonic monitoring.
  • Therapeutic consultation.

Such a many-sided approach to diagnosis and treatment of vaginitis convinces us in positive result after treatment.