Professionals in hypnosis

Our wishes for those who seriously decided to learn this profession.

Dear Colleagues,

To be a professional in hypnologist, you must:

  • Master the maximum knowledge of modern scientific sources
  • Master the techniques of hypnosis, to experiment, and confirm the effectiveness of their work objective indicators adopted in the modern medicine
  • Need to constantly improve their verbal and intellectual ability, passing their knowledge and skills to future otyt receivers
  • It is advisable that a hypnologist carried out accessible for him researches either alone or in a group, familiarized colleagues with his or her achievements in mastering of contemporary psychotechniques.
  • Teaching to junior colleagues rises authority and strengthens own knowledge and confidence. There is no need to distain advises from colleagues.
  • Practical activity of a hypnologist should be full of original idea, should be aimed on the result, and should be imbued with the patience and deep respect to a problem of a suffering person. At the same time there is no need to indulge all patients’ wishes: it is important to keep merits of a professional psychotherapeutist. You should always be attentive and careful with people who are psychoactive drug addicted and do not be afraid of their influence on your perception of surrounding you objective reality.
  • It is vitally important that a hypnologist had enough theoretical knowledge and practical skills, knew physiology of nervous system, psychology and main principles of psychiatry. 
  • Hypnologist should be physically well-built, should have high moral and volitional qualities, should be morally pure, should be easy to communicate with, be honest, and sure in one’s abilities. 
  • Hypnologist should be one who is considered a trustful person from the first sight and should demonstrate by the means of appearance and behavior physical and mental health. 
  • In is important to involve a patient into the process of hypnotherapy by familiarizing him or her with some previously unknown facts. 
  • Relationships between a patient and his or her relatives should not be underestimated as they should support collaborative work of a patient with a hypnotist by any possible means. Hence, it is important to inform them about the usefulness of hypnosis and staging of hypnotherapy. 
  • Indispensable condition is a process of suggestional improvisation (it is not always productive to use old methods). 


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