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Work with the patient

We offer not simple hypnosis demonstrated by hypnotist; our task is a complex patient examination by the methods of objective hypnosis. What we practice is not one-sided hypnotization; it is cooperation with the patient. Being an active participant of the process, a patient clearly formulates the desired result, increasing efficiency and taking responsibility for the mutually held treatment and final result. After deciding on the initial task, we proceed to step-by-step work.


Comprehensive evalution of patients includes:


1. Psychoanalytic scanning

2. Verification of hypnoability

3. Collection of verbal code

4. Deep catalepsy simulation (modeling)

5. Sensory deprivation testing

6. Brain biorhythms recording and analysis

7. Behavioral encoding

8. Observation of intermediate results of suggestion

9. Objectification of psycho-correction results with the help of EEG

10. Nonverbal polisensory simulation (modeling)


Working with patients, we offer a range of psychophysiological services

  • Study of patient’s personality, emotional reaction, motivation and system of ralations.
  • Analysis of mechanisms and ethiopathogenesis of a disorder.
  • Obtaining by a patient recognition of suffering psychogenesis; ways of problem solving.
  • Correction of inadequate reactions and behavior patterns.
  • Spacing and desensitizing of traumatic event, decrease of its actuality.
  • Overcoming of social isolation.
  • Reduction of somatic disorders.
  • Effective hypnotization.
  • Stimulation of suggestions of individual and personality activity of a patient during hypnotherapy.
  • Study of EEG and psycho-physiological analysis of biological rhythms of the brain



We can offer you the electroencephalographical (EEG) examination in hypnotic state with psychophysiological analysis of EEG-parameters and relevant therapeutic recommendations.